September 12, 2009

giler tag!

xtau nape aku skang ni cam rajin nak bt x tag aku pon aku amik jer copy..huahuahua...halal kan ye kwn2...

k ni tag tok pg yg sejuk kat opis ni...


30 secrets About Yourself. Be honest no matter what..

[One] Who was your last text from?
- b....

[ Two ] Where was your default picture taken?
- old town kat sg wang..huhuh

[ Three ] Are you bored with life at times?
- yup...sometimesss

[Four ] Your current status?
- single but not available..

[ Five ] What is your current mood?
- sad ..:(

[ Six ] Where do you stay?
- rawang umah parents.

[ Seven ] If you could go back in time and change something, would you?
- mesti la mau!!! sbb ape? bia ak u je yg tau...huhuh

[Eight ] What's your favorite color/s?
- ikut musimm..skang ni gile kale merahhh...

[ Nine ] Ever had a near death experience?
- Alhamdulillah xde g..

[ Ten ] Something you do a lot?
- surfing...sms...

[Eleven ] Who can you tell ANYTHING to?
- beloved mom n b...

[ Twelve ] Name someone with the same birthday as you.
- don't know!
[ Thirteen ] If you could have one super power what would it be?
- ape2 la...x terpikir lg ah skang..

[Fourteen ] What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
- wow!!handsome nyerrr...hohoho

[ Fifteen ] Favorite season?
- xdo

[Sixteen ] Do you still watch kiddy movies or tv shows?
- not really...

[ Seventeen ] What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
- nothin....

[ Eighteen ] Do you speak any other language?
- nope..

[ Nineteen ] Describe your life in one word.
- complicated

[ Twenty ] Do you have any tattoos?
- xdo...n x ingin..

[ Twenty-one ] Who was the last person you hung out with?
- b..last week mase dier ade kat KL..

[Twenty-two ] What are you thinking about right now?
- cepat la kul 8 pg..nak blik tdo

[ Twenty- three ] What should you be doing?
- monitor alert screen!

[Twenty-four ] Who was the last person that made you sad/angry?
- b...sbb kate aku ngade ngadu lapo tp x mkn...

[ Twenty-five ] What are y ou listening to?
- seloka hari raya...wehoooooo nak raye dah!

[Twenty-six ] Do you like working in the yard?
- xsukeeeee....

[Twenty-seven ] Who is with you?
- now??? kaarthi n ashvin. ..opis mate...

[ Twenty-eight ] Do you act different around the person you like?
- nope....

[ Twenty-nine ] What is your natural hair colour?
- black....

[Thirty ] Last time you were really happy.
- yesterday..sbb seme makcik n pakcik dtg umah buke pose...sronok kumpul rmai2..

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beautiful.disgrace said...

saya suka, lalu saya kopi dan pes di nota mukabuku saya..