April 2, 2012

Morning briefing....

best kan??? klu nak copy silakan... n jgn lupa foward kan ke boss korang jugak... ;p


1. Work Is Never Ending Process. You Can Never Finish The Works. 

2. Interest Of A Client Is Not More Important Than Your Family 

3. If You Fail In Life, Your Boss Or Client Will Not Be The Person To Offer A Helping Hand But Your Family And Friends Will Do 

4. Life Does Not Mean Coming To Office, Going Home And Sleeping. There Is More To A Life.  You Need Time To Socialize, Entertainment, And Relaxation. Don’t Make Your Life Meaningless. 

5. A Person Who Sits In Office Still Late Is Not A Hardworking Person. He Is A Fool Who Does Not Know How To Manage Works Within The Stipulated Time. Beside, He Is A Looser In Life Who Does Not Have Personal Or Social Life. 

6. You Did Not Study Hard And Struggle In The Life To Be A Machine And Live A Meaningless Life 

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